Friday, August 22, 2008

Rowing in the opposite direction

Does it seem to you that many well-meaning business interests and special interest groups are rowing in the wrong direction?

In Ohio: The Governor's efforts to forge a compromise on the so-called "Healthy Families Act" have failed. That means that the issue, which will be Issue 4 on the November ballot, will go to the voters.

According to a study by the National Federation of Independent Business/Ohio, is what those who vote in favor of the issue will be voting:
  • The loss of 75,000 jobs
  • A $1.17 billion burden on Ohio employers
  • The loss of $9.4 billion in sales from 2008 to 2012
The ballot issue seeks to mandate 7 paid days of sick leave for employees of companies employing 25 or more people. And to be able to take that one hour at a time.

When other groups are trying to 1) Create opportunities for economic development in the state, and 2) create jobs in the state, what are these groups thinking? What small business would want to move or set up operations in Ohio, with that kind of mandate to follow, especially, if passed, Ohio was the only state with that kind of law?

The state should not be able to take away an employer's rights to negotiate with employees.

Postscript 9/4/08: Today’s big business news is that labor leaders have dropped a state ballot initiative...

Postscript 9/5/08: Look for this initiative to be considered on a federal level...

I'm sure this blog post had something to do with it...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Goodbye Treo, Hello iPhone 3G

Goodbye Treo 700. I will miss you. After years of spending time with you and your family (since when they were called Palm Pilots), I have left you.

It's not that we don't have anything in common, after all, I feel that we've grown closer since we've worked through the syncing issues between you and Microsoft Entourage. With the Missing Sync as a mediator, we made it through. But... you still are quirky, and I just need something more.

I won't miss the random resets, random freezing, and that annoying stubby antenna. Hey! Remember that time when I dropped you and it broke off? Sorry, I didn't mean to make it personal. But then again, after so many years and new models, you still didn't manage to slim down, you were always like a brick in my pocket.

I've been waiting to do this for a long time, hoping that I would change my mind. I even considered upgrading you to a Palm Centro... but it just wouldn't have been the same. Besides, you arrived at the Verizon party too late.

So after a year, it's true. I was seen in line at the Apple store at 7:30 am after driving for 45 minutes, cup of coffee in hand. Yes, I was enjoying the experience, the anticipation. And shortly after 8 am, she was mine.

Even with a Contour Design Hardskin, she's still only half as thick as you are. And she syncs with Entourage just by plugging her in. I even have hope for a new syncing experience through e2Sync. So maybe instead of needing more, I needed less. Sorry if that hurts you.

It will cost me more per month for her service, the Apple iPhone 3G... but she's worth it. You see, to me she's more than a phone, she plays my music, reminds me where to be, and who my contacts are. She's everything!

Maybe we'll see each other sometime. I know I'll think of you when I see someone else making a call on a phone like you. Take care. But please, just don't call me. It's time to move on.