Saturday, February 11, 2006

Your secret is safe with everybody

What a remarkable web site. I don’t spend a lot of time myself reading things online, and if a site like this comes to my attention, it’s normally through a print magazine (in this case, WIRED).

With new posts on Sunday, the site displays postcards anonymously submitted by individuals, each card containing a secret. It’s fascinating to read, and to consider how so many individuals express themselves with such depth, sincerity and fervor. One one hand it’s sad, on the other hand it’s compelling.

These are people who need loved.

I just finished reading Velvet Elvis, by author and pastor Rob Bell. He proposes that those of Christian faith should simply love people, rather than having an agenda: getting them saved, getting them to church, getting them to think like you.

I agree. I do believe that I need to encourage people to be reconciled to God. But I can do that by loving them where they are at in their lives. And I will do that through design: the authors we work with, the artists we work with (sandra bowden), the typefaces I design to make the Bible easier to read (Lucerna and Veritas).

We’re all pointing them at the same God who is there.

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