Tuesday, December 19, 2006

When designers turn to golf... and toast

Arik Nordby, a designer from Minnesota (near Canada) is the proprietor of Bogey Pro, a very funny site for golf-themed products. Well, funny if you like golf, because golfers are a funny bunch...

It's a great example of a designer creating a successful business designing and selling product and creating a brand. Check out the "Moscow International Golf Club" shirt and the Underachievement Awards, at bogeypro.com

I learned of him and his web site after he purchased an Altered Ego font... Not only does he create well-designed product, he has excellent taste in type.

The products are really humorous, especially if one enjoys golf. Overall, it's well-executed, from copy to visual design.

Another product he created in collaboration with The Onion, are gift boxes. I guarantee they are unlike any other gift box you've ever seen...

Toast, anyone?

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