Saturday, January 20, 2007

How to hire a designer for your staff

At last, we've found the right person for our design staff.

Although this is not a definitive guide, here's the process we used that proved very through and successful.
  1. Start with 30-minute interview and portfolio review
  2. If I see potential, invite back for longer interview
  3. Second interview is more in-depth, character and behavior-oriented questions and discussion. This time my partner sat in on the interview. This gives us both a good gut instinct reaction, and I now realize the opinion of my partner is as critical (or more) than mine. A longer interview allows time for the candidate to relax, and ask us questions as well.
  4. Invite back qualified candidate for staff interviews.
  5. Check references
  6. Background check
  7. DISC behavioral profile
  8. Review background check and DISC against interviews. If gut instinct (likability factor, interviews and checks) don't raise any flags, make offer.
Your results may vary, but his was a distinct change from our last process, and yielded a good match for our firm, our clients and our culture. And for the designer!

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