Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wired Magazine Redesign

As magazines go, WIRED has always been a favorite, I've been reading it for years. Cover to cover, even the colophon.

The latest issue featured a redesign. If you weren't aware of it by simply looking at it (hello!), the many self-referential comments about the typography, scattered throughout, were a dead giveaway. And funny, if you enjoy typographic humor.

The best part about the redesign? Now it's readable (again). Every other redesign of WIRED seems to pick a different text typeface, this time it is a serif 's turn. Much more readable, although that's just my opinion.

The editorial voice seems to have become a bit corny, as if they are tired of trying to maintain their air of aloof inevitability, and having become a tad self-mocking. Similar to the editorial tone of MacAddict, now Mac|Life. Although not quite that goofy.

All in all, it's less tired and more wired.

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Kevin Price said...

You are very observent. I'm a subscriber too and my tendency is to jump straight into the magazine, so I didn't not the changes. I find myself commenting on the magazine often at my blog,