Sunday, March 11, 2007

What are you looking for?

What exactly are the readers of this blog looking for?

3.51%garmin vs tomtom
3.51%how to update map on nuvi 350
3.51%garmin travel assistant turn arrow
3.51%leading from the middle book picture
3.51%is the nuvi 350 software update and macintosh
1.75%nuvi 350 map update
1.75%limited too teenager fashions of 07
1.75%garmin vs. tomtom
1.75%xpress apostrophe problem
1.75%work why change is good

Clearly, more people are looking for technical info about their personal travel assistants than about opinions about design and design relevance. This is a short list of searches, relevant to today, but insightful.

Statistics are an amazing thing. It's a wonder that designers don't make better use of them as they design their client's and their own web sites.

Perhaps, in the end, or right now, you're looking for the meaning of life. There's a web site for that too...

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