Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm a Mac. How about you?

AppleInsider reports that Microsoft is going to spoof the Mac ads.

This is LOL funny, and a bit disturbing:
"Also beginning Thursday night, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant will invite visitors to the website to upload videos and photos that will demonstrate "how they, too, are PCs." Microsoft will reportedly select some of the photos to appear on electronic billboards in Times Square beginning the following day, while others will be used in advertisement banners."
Did I miss something? Do PCs really evoke the same sense of affinity with their users as do Macs? Microsoft is a software company (ok, not counting XBox and Zune, but that adds weight to my theory). What does it take for an individual to consider themselves part of the tribe of PC users? Where are the telltale earbuds, Windows XP/Vista stickers on cars, lines of people waiting when a store opens?

As a hardware & software company, Apple has engaged most of my senses and sensibilities. Sight, touch, hearing, usability. Even the name evokes taste. Not isolated, but at any time a combination of a minimum of two senses creates an experience.

Maybe Microsoft needs to start making computers?

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