Sunday, December 26, 2010

Upgrade suggestions for Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 Review

Polished in many areas, rough on some edges, Microsoft Outlook for Mac would benefit from the following enhancements:

User Interface:
  • Move the Junk Mail folder up higher in the navigation list, and allow me to change the position and order in the navigation list
  • Move the icons for Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc to the top, or allow me to choose where they are positioned.
Functionality (which used to be part of Entourage 2008):
  • Need ASAP!: Sync integration with iCal.
  • Allow me to add a domain to the safe domains list without having to copy and paste it from the email, opening a dialog box, and changing tabs.  This used to be a right click action in Entourage and it's missing.*
  • Allow me to selectively print text from an email message*
  • Duplicating contacts
  • Master contact record: when there are multiple contacts at one client, I should be able to have a master record and link to it...
  • Calendar: Ability to auto-assign default category 
  • Exporting email addresses: after all these years, a user can only export ALL addresses, not selected addresses or by category.  Feels so 1999. Claris Emailer, where are you?  Needs the ability to selectively export email addresses
  • Conversation management: Oulook's navigation pane gets confused and multiple conversations take on new titles when deleting (bug).  The navigation pane is not doing an effective job of keeping track of conversations. 
  • Ability to duplicate contacts (so I don't have to reenter all the same info (2/17/11)
*Missing feature: not ported to Outlook from Entourage

Features you may like that are new or improved:
  • The ability to save all attachments with one click
  • Faster, more effective search.  Did I mention it was faster?

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