Saturday, May 20, 2006

The creative economy - design is king!

The business world is taking notice (again).  They call it innovation. We call it design.  In the end, everybody benefits from the influence of good design.

Christina De Paul recently spoke at the Akron Roundtable, which is always on WKSU (one of the best classical radio stations in the world, IMO).

Christina De Paul is the  Dean of Corcoran Gallery of Art.  Her topic, The Creative Economy, laid out a convincing argument for the value of design in our economy in every aspect (this is spite of her flat and unemotional delivery – pinch yourself a couple of times if you decide to listen to it).

Designers are on the leading edge of the innovation economy. Innovation technology, the synthesis of technology and design for users, will continue to be and is the competitive advantage that the most insightful businesses will use.

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