Saturday, May 13, 2006

Leaders are those who recognize it

Are leaders born, or can you make the decision to become one? Whether your view is from the bottom up, the middle or the top – It's clear that your decisions make the difference.

Last week the staff at Brian Sooy & Co. attended 360° - The Measure of a Leader, sponsored the Maximum Impact organization. I'm not sharing my opinions here, but my observations on what was shared. Here are a few highlighted points that we learned:

  • You have a leadership role and responsibilities, no matter where you are in an organization. You may not recognize it.

  • Don't confuse leadership with a strong personality

  • Wide leaders make wise decisions and then manage them (A key tenet of John Maxwell, founder of Maximum Impact.)

  • A leader needs to know how to deal with ambiguity

  • A leader must be a creative thinker – anticipating needs and thinking beyond perceptions

  • A leader is a steward of equipment and resources

  • Behavior and performance is more important that words

  • A great leader is aware of the big picture and the details (the forest and the trees)

  • The most relevant: Learning to lead yourself is the place to start.

Of note: One of the presentations used posters from is a series of demotivational products, and is a well-executed parody of the success posters genre.

If you look through the posters at the web site, there is a poster that addresses every major leadership point presented in the 360° simulcast. How brilliant is that!?

Don't despair. Every designer can be a leader. Now get back to work.

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