Friday, June 16, 2006

Design that touches the heart

A new online exhibit launched today, entitled Design that Touches the Heart.

The preface to the exhibit makes a good point: will your design touch the heart?

That's why we ask every week -- In the end, will your design matter?

Enjoy the show.

PS: the show is powered by autoviewer (from airtight interactive, makers of the excellent simpleviewer).

A design legend: Viktor Schreckengost

You may not be aware of the impact that Viktor Schreckengost has had on products you use today, but his 20th century design has inspired many designers with his human-focused design.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is set to launch an exhibit of his work and his influence.

If you can't make it to Cleveland for a visit, I encourage you to visit his foundation's web site, and marvel at the depth and breadth of his influence on contemporary design. This man is a true design genius.

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