Saturday, June 10, 2006

The semi-definitive guide to entrepreneurship in northeast Ohio

Lately the buzz in all of northeast Ohio is about entrepreneurship.  Higher education institutions are creating degree and certificate programs to teach it, incubators are funding it, the media is talking about it, business and civic leaders want their communities to include it, people like me are living it.  And of course, many people are struggling to spell it correctly.

Regional leaders, pay attention: Guy Kawasaki has given us some insights on how to draw attention away from Silicon Valley. (thanks Guy!)  Or as he says, "kick their butt."

If you weren't born with it, you can learn it: Many of the region's higher education institutions offer programs in entrepreneurial studies:

Take the quiz to see if you are genetically inclined to be an entrepreneur.

Capital, pre-seed, seed, angel, venture capital: Whatever flavor of cash you might need, these organizations can assist. Oh, and bring your business plan.  A real one, that shows ROI.  These organizations also offer business support.

Need direction? I speak with many business owners who are so engaged in the day-to-day that they have no strategic plan or any idea of where they are headed with their business. 

  • GLIDE and the new Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute of Lorain County Community College can help too. 

  • For high-level strategic realignment, visit Mills-Scofield LLC.

Of course, we don't have great weather year-round.  But the people are nice. Really nice.

If you know of more resources for the northeast Ohio entrepreneur community, contact me, and they will be included in the guide.

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