Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Garmin Nuvi 350 Personal Travel Assistant improves with age (and updates)

Once again, we are amazed with the Garmin Nuvi 350. This GPS/Travel assistant gets better with updates, especially the recent Garmin Nuvi 350 software update adds a load of features (that aren't necessarily indicated in the official list of updates):
  • Instead of an arrow, the icon for your vehicle is a car. Delightful, my wife loved that!
  • Your indicated path is much wider and easier to see onscreen
  • Voice indicator to turn seems to give slightly more warning before you need to turn
I previously reviewed the Garmin Nuvi in design matters: Review: Garmin Nuvi 350 vs. TomTom Go Personal Travel Assistant.

Updating was simple, even on the PC (Hello Garmin, Macintosh support would be a good idea), although even if the user doesn't read the email carefully, one tends to land on the WebUpdater page, and not the software download page.

The interface is still easy to read and navigate, especially the trip details screen. It shows average speed, max speed, total time, stopped time and other indicators, both in a numeric and visual display.

A simple tap on the screen highlights whatever you've touched: roads, cities and other information.

This travel assistant is so simple to use. I highly recommend it. (And if you're interested in buying one, might I recommend Amazon for the Garmin Nuvi 350.

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