Sunday, July 23, 2006

Review: Tifosi Tyrant Sunglasses

With summmer here, design takes a backseat to play (although it seems like I'm working more, not less). Sunglasses are required when cycling, inline skating, golfing and during the course of never-ending yardwork.

My chance encounter with a Tifosi Optics display at Marty's Cycle Center was timed perfectly for the season.

Described as "enthusiastic eyewear," Tifosi sunglasses are an amazing synthesis of design, technology, materials and aesthetics. And they are surprisingly affordable.

My Tifosi Tyrants (last year's catalog evidently, the Pavé is the current replacement but uses similar lenses), set me back about $50.00 US. Included is the frame, three lenses (clear, smoke and all-condition red), and a hard case and soft bag. The AC Red cuts glare and heightens contrast better than any amber or brown lenses I've ever used.

I personally think these Tifosi Tyrants are better than my Oakley Duval Pro M Frames for a variety of reasons (and $150.00 less!).
  • They are face-hugging (meaning they wrap around the face comfortably and block light from the side -- the M Frames do this but have HUGE lenses.
  • The frames fold (granted the regular M-frames fold, but are bulky when folded)
  • The bow in the temples is just enough to curve around a helmet strap, yet fit within the foam of my Nolan and Fulmer motorcycle helmets
  • They vent better
  • The materials are more durable than the plastic M-Frames. Sweat has corroded the finish on the M Frame
The Tifosi frames are made of injected aluminum (temples) with a hydrophilic rubber temple and nose piece. The lenses offer excellent optical clarity, just as good as the highly-regarded Oakleys.

I've found the AC Red lenses are perfect for the golf course, cutting the glare of the sun while increasing contrast to make the ball more visible. I'm close to making these lenses permanent in this frame instead of swapping them out all of the time. Tifosi's are affordable enough for sunglasses aficionados to own two pairs.

The case is an adequate hard case, although there is a danger of scratching the lenses when loading them in and out of the built-in lense holders.

Kudos to Tifosi (a US company) for excellence in design!

You can buy Tifosi sunglasses at Amazon of course. Not that I'm suggesting that you buy them there, but it does help me to afford the other pair...

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Tifosi, but am of course pointing out an example of design excellence.

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Robyn said...

My Son got me Tifosi Sunglasses for mothers day and they fit very nice.

Eric said...

I have been looking for a new pair of sunglasses, but haven't been able to justify the price for the Oakleys. I'll have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing.

Bennie said...

I found a pair of Tifosi sunglasses with free shipping! I must agree with the reviewer -- I think they're better than my Oakley's, too! Yay for US companies actually building something!!