Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Saying thank you

When was the last time you wrote someone a thank-you note? I don't mean emailed a thank you, called someone and said thank you -- I mean took out some personal stationery, and wrote a thank you?

I recall hearing Doyald Young mention the things he heas learned in his many years as a design professional, author and instructor. One of them was "the importance of a well-written thank you note." (and BTW, Doyald is the most conscientious and gentlemanly man of letters i have ever met.)

It's an excellent practice to follow in a design business. It's not a ground-breaking marketing technique, but shows clients and those who contribute in any way to a the success of a business that they are appreciated. It also speaks to your character.

With all the hype about marketing, the lifeblood of a small business (ie micro business of under 10 employees) is referrals. Any designer should be sending out thank you notes after any referral. Anyone who interviews should send out a thank you after the interview (Here's an interviewing secret we have. If we don't get a thank you, most likely you will be eliminated as a potential candidate for a position in our firm).

Don't overdo it, or it will be seen as insincere. A well-written and timed thank you is a pause and a breath of fresh air for the recipient in the hectic pace of business.

With that, to those who choose to read this blog out of the millions that are available... thank you.

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