Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Long View: Strategic planning for designers

When was the last time you thought 5 years out? 10 years?

If you haven't ever, or it's been a while, it's time to do so. Having nearly completed several major goals I set 6 months ago for Sooy + Co., it's been a challenge – but it's significant what was accomplished.

But what has me thinking this past couple of weeks is a quote from financial advisor Dave Ramsey:
"Buy things in that hurt in the short term, in order to win in the long term."
We are buying some things, (but more on that later, for now it's a secret). But making decisions that may be painful or challenging now (in your long-term planning and goal setting) will pay off in ways you may only understand later, when the benefits of your goal setting bear fruit. Base your short- and long-term decisions in the short term on your long-term planning, and you'll arrive at them sooner than you think. Simple wisdom, but easy to forget.

Don't get caught up in the short term. Think of the long view!

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DEBTective said...

Great post, bub. The sooner you start living long-term, the brighter the future looks. Thanks for spreading the word about being smart and about Dave Ramsey, and good luck on deep-sixing your debt, baby!